Help on Comptia A+?

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Hi there,

I am currently studying towards the Comptia a+ Essentials exam. I am doing a self-study programme, where I revise online, and will soon start watching the professor messer videos.

My question here is, do you have any other tips that will help me to pass this exam?

And what Microsoft course should I do after the Comptia A+? I have the MCTS 70-680 available?


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    Professor Messer's videos are a very good review but not in depth enough for a stand alone study. However, I'm assuming your online programme is in depth, so my tip to you is to take detailed notes while watching Professor Messer. It will help you identify any weak spots, as well as give you a handy study guide to look at the night before the exam. Good luck! icon_thumright.gif
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    If you can get an employer/parent/other sponsor to pay for computer parts for assembly, milk that out of them ;) Having assembled a computer on your own is a huge help for A+.

    What will help you pass the exam: Read the ExamCram book by David L. Prowse. Do the practice exams at the end of the book. If you get more than 90% on those practice exam, you will pass the real thing. As with most beginner-to-midlevel CompTIA exam, the key is to keep calm during the test session and, as they say in the hitchhiker's guide, DON'T PANIC.

    I did 70-680 before A+. That one might take a couple of tries since it's Prometric doing the testing and they have a completely different approach to exams than Pearson/VUE's CompTIA. On the A+ exam you will see how the topics and practice exams in the book had much relevance to the questions at the actual test, while on MS/Prometric exams they'll just ask you whatever they feel a person with the corresponding title should know about. I can't tell you too much without breaching the NDA, but what you learn from the MS Press 70-680 book (and corresponding ExamCram) won't be enough to pass the MCTS test. Take a course if you have the opportunity!
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