Failed the 70-662

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Took it about a month ago and scored a 450. I've never taken any kind of certification exam before and I was completely unprepared. I watched and took notes on every second of the related TrainSignal videos, took the Transcenders tests until I was passing with high scores, memorized the flashcards that came with Transcenders backwards and forwards and spun up a VM with Server 2008 and Exchange 2010 SP1. In my opinion the Transcenders videos were a waste. Peter scratches the surface on topics that are covered in debth on the test. I would have spent my time better by simply looking at the Table of Contents and then researching those topics on Technet. The Transcenders videos/flashcards were pretty good but only prepared me for roughly 30% of what was on the test. The rest I knew from experience.

I've read other posts on this site and apparently some test formats are 55 questions...not the one I took. I worked my way through 90 grueling questions all starting out with an intro of "You are an Exchange Administrator for" with multiple choice answers lettering A-N. Freakin N man!!! I have been working with and supporting Exchange 2007/2010 for the last two years and I may have been a bit overconfident due to my previous experience.

I am planning on taking it again, and any suggestions from anyone that has passed it would be much appreciated. I purchased the "Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out" book by Microsoft Press and have begun trudging my way through that. I have a CramMasters subscription now good for the next year and I hear the 70-662 Rapid Review book is pretty good. Any other resources other than braindumps I should be checking out?
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