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A couple of questions:

I currently possess MCDST, I originally planned to take the 70-682 upgrade path to MCITP. There is no book for this, but searching on Amazon returns books on both 70-680 & 70-685. Which of these will best serve my neeeds?

I have not been studying Microsoft for about a year as I'm finishing University this year. Hopefully get my degreee in Networking.

I then thought about going for MCTS instead

I want to keep both Cisco & Microsoft paths open. I have no experience in an employment sense.

I don't mind starting near the bottom level to begin with, as long as there is scope for progression. So should I aim at that level or aim higher, but with no experience?


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    steve13adsteve13ad Member Posts: 398 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Since the 682 is an upgrade exam, it covers topics from the 680 and the 685. It feels like it's a lot of information but it's manageable.
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    Michael.J.PalmerMichael.J.Palmer Member Posts: 407 ■■■□□□□□□□
    The 682 will cover both the 680 and 685 (presumably equal amount of information from both, but every test is different). To get the best of everything you would need to look into both books and study from there.

    Now in searching myself I found this book on Amazon: Amazon.com: MCITP Windows 7 UPGRADE Certification Exam 70-682 ExamFOCUS Study Notes & Review Questions 2012 (9781475077407): ExamREVIEW: Books

    I don't know if that book is a great source or not, but if you really don't want to dish out for the 680 and 685 books then that may be an option for you to look into. That's the only book related to the upgrade exam that I can find on Amazon as well.
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