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Passed today! So pleased. Finally a CCNA. Failed last Sat and went back today and got it.


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    Congrats! What's next on the menu?
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    Grats, What resources did you use?
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    Awesome man congrats on the pass icon_smile.gif
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    thanks guys.

    I'm not sure what's next. I'm gonna take a couple of weeks off and reflect on everything. I feel my CCNA training is complete yet and I saw over on CBT that Jeremy has a collection of LAB videos for the CCNA with real world examples so I might get that and run through those before moving on.

    I'm thinking about the CCNP next, I think I might start on the switch first and move up the OSI model.

    I'm going to keep my eyes open for any junior networking roles.

    Resources used:

    1) Chris Bryant - could not have passed without these videos
    2) Cisco Press ICND2 (3rd Edition)
    3) Lammle's CCNA (7th Edition)
    4) youtube & Google
    5) Nearly forgot.....the last couple of weeks I've been using INE as it's free for this month - also very good videos for grasping the concepts.
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    alliasneo wrote: »
    Passed today! So pleased. Finally a CCNA. Failed last Sat and went back today and got it.

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    Congrats on pass !!
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    i passed last thursday, after failing it before once about 2 weeks prior. i was overly nervous about the exam but it worked out.
    the second exam i felt the questions are harder, they require more thoughts and calulation than the first. it almost felt like the first time around on the exam i did a basic question wrong or something and cisco exam just went like "well we are not going to pass him now that he the the fundamental question wrong" and just gave me simple questions to fill in. i never had the issue with the clock. and my instantly made tutorial time **** sheet worked out again for the subnetting questions.

    sources used.
    odom official book (bought 2rd edition but insufficient, had to go to barnes nobles and read the 3rd edition)
    cbt nuggest (jeremy cioara made it fun)
    exam cram test question by jeremy cioara.
    ccna flash card 2nd edition (thought the book went into unnecessary depth)
    packettracernetwork lab sims (free)
    cisco.com icnd2 practice question modules (free)

    after weighting different follow up options i decided to go with ccna:voice due to the demand in the job market.

    2 questions:

    1. what exactly is ccna:security do? you guys think it's worth it?
    2. i briefly glanced at the ccnp materials and i don't think i even know the slightest among those topics. how difficult is ccnp and what is the average time you guys spent before passing all three?

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    Congrats alliasneo! I appreciate your insight about taking the CCNP Switch Exam first; working your way up the OSI Model. I hope you get that networking job soon.
    ~ Sean
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    Security by itself is always a good thing to have under your belt. Atleast, it shows you care about security in some way.
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    "Check both the destination and return path when a route fails." "Switches create a network. Routers connect networks."
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    I'm not really too sure how long it generally takes to pass the CCNP. I'm thinking 4-6 months for Switch maybe?

    I've just installed GNS3 and I want to use this instead of packet tracer for my NP studies. My current Cisco lab:

    x3 2600 Routers
    x3 2950 Switches

    I'm thinking about buying a single 3550 off of Ebay - they seem to be going for around the £100 mark. I can then take the ios image and put this in to GNS3 along with my other equipment.

    What would you say a general CCNP lab consists of?
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