Olive in GNS3 Help?

Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□

I am on step 4 of the Olive tutorial on the GNS3 site (Olive reloaded or how to emulate Juniper routers | GNS3), where i need to scp/ftp the files over.

When I boot the Olive using
qemu -m 256 -hda olive-base.img -boot c -localtime \
-net nic,macaddr=00:aa:00:60:01:01,model=e1000 -net user

I able to login and run the dhcp client and get an IP address. But the VM is not able to connect to my local machine or my LAN. Any idea what I missed in order for it to get a DHCP address that allows the real world to connect to it? In the examples which were done on a Mac he is just magically able to SCP to it.

I am ready to grab an old Mac just to see if it's a Windows thing. Or some sort of virtual NIC I need to add. But I can't seem to find anything on Win7 installs.
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