Ok...$4000 gone? - GSNA

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I have been saving money for GSNA (one of the GIAC certs).

Today I finally got enough money to go for it!

I filled out all the information and my credit card information.

When I clicked 'Purchase' I got redirected to the page that asks me about the same personal info (e.g., email, name, address).

I got really confused cuz I was expecting to see something like 'your order has been received' etc but there was nothing.

I know it says that I will receive an email once a full payment is received.

So, is this the way it was when you guys purchased one of GIAC?

Btw...I purchased On-Demand option.


  • PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    Have you contacted the site where you made your purchase? Perhaps there was a problem with the site, or simply a problem with the browser at the time.

    It is unfortunate to hear you are going through this, but typically the best results will happen by contacting the site where the purchase was made. Also, if you need to place a hold on your card, you'd want to act swiftly.
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    Give SANS a call tomorrow. They're pretty fast about sorting this stuff out.
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    The only SANS course purchases I've been involved with have been human-on-the-telephone transactions, and all of those were successful. I'm not sure why you would think you've just lost $4K from a failed Web transaction.
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