Setting up a new voice lab.

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So i am setting up a voice lab and need some advice.

My options current config.

analog single line.
cisco 2811 no PVDM , but i do have a NM card coming for it a

[h=1]Cisco NM-HD-2VE Voice/Fax Module[/h]

Several Cisco 1760's with 1 PVDM 256K 4 channel
Switches 3550 POE
I also have a old MFC 3810 V3 with 3 FXO ports

My problem the Cisco has CUCME 8.0 installed and IOS 15.1. The cost of the FXO cards is high for my budget at this point. I may in a few months be able to stretch it. Can I setup the CUCME to get data from a external gateway? If so can someone help me with a search starting point so I can research commands to do so?


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    Yes, you should be able to setup VoIP dial-peers on the MC3810 and 2811 to route the calls back and forth between CME and analog gateway device – assuming the 3810 has enough DSP resources to do the transcoding (G.711/G.729).
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