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hey all...i recently purchased the premium edition of preplogic exams..which includes three exams, but my question is, is this pretty close to what the test is, and has anyone used it before? i can pass all three test.. passing score is 645 and i can get over 850 on each test..so u think im ready to sit ? ? My test is on june 20, (n10-002). Thanks All!
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    They worked well for me and were close enough for the Sec+ exam. I haven't tried their Network+ product, but I'm positive a high score on the PrepLogic tests is a good indication you are ready. If you know and understand everything in my Network+ TechNotes and you use one of the better practice exam product, like Preplogic, you should have no problem passing the actual exam. Personally I like to get at least 95% on practice tests before I sit the actual one.
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    Non-Profit TechieNon-Profit Techie Member Posts: 418 ■■□□□□□□□□
    i think you will do fine. 850 is pretty good.
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    I think you will do fine. Network+ isn't that hard. Also, if you're doing the new objectives, passing score is in the 550 range (Don't quite remember the exact pass mark).
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    BigO1120BigO1120 Member Posts: 110
    HOW different are the 2 Network exams? I failed the old one and I'm going to be taking it again in 2 weeks but I was wondering if I'm better off just taking the new exam?
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