Pretty proud of myself!

zrockstarzrockstar Member Posts: 378
Sorry, don't mean to gloat here, but nobody I know understands anything about networking so I have to share my successes with you guys! Well today I started from scratch in PT and fully configured 3 redundant path switches, two with multiple PCs and VLANs, the other connected to a router on a stick. That router was connected redundantly to two other routers, and all routed through OSPF. One of those routers had the same switch and VLAN setup with with 3 switches, and 4 PCs on two different VLANS. On each side I also setup a VTP server/client process. In the end, everything talked across LANs and VLANs, and I did it all from memory! A year ago I wouldn't have known what any of this is, and especially I wouldn't know how to do. Networking just fascinates the hell out of me, and all I want to do is learn, learn, learn! I am sure you guys feel the same way, so feel free to share your non cert test successes!


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