Juniper Lab open for public....

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Hi All,

Currently i'm in the middle setup the Juniper Lab for public for who needs to persuade the JNCIE-SP and JNCIE-ENT....The device that i have as per below:

1.) MX960 (1 unit)
2.) EX4200 (3 unit)
3.) J2350 (1 Unit)
4.) EX3300 (1 Unit)
5.) SRX1400 (1 unit)
6.) EX8208 (1 unit)
7.) ISG2000 (1 unit)

The problem is i want to do a SSL VPN to make sure all the participant can log into my lab from anywhre. For your information i have 1 MAG4610 but i dont know how to setup it to be SSL VPN.

Below is how my network:

LAB --->MAG4610 -->SSG5 (Router) --->Internet (ISP Router)

Hopefully can someone guide me to make sure this open Lab can be reality. Thanks


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    That sounds good icon_smile.gif
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hasan Rauf
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    hi hassan,

    Do u have exprince setup SSL VPN using MAG4610? I hope u can particapate in this lab because u already JNCIE....Hopefully u can be our teacher..Thanks
  • kronicklezkronicklez Member Posts: 40 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hi All,

    Below is the list equipment that have in my lab..

    [h=6]1.) MX960 (1 unit)
    2.) EX4200 (3 Unit)
    3.) EX3300 (3 unit)
    4.) EX8208 (1 Unit)
    5.) SRX1400 (1 unit)
    6.) M10i (1 Unit)
    7.) ISG2000 (1 Unit)
    8.) WLA632 (4 Unit) / WLC880R (3 (unit) / WLMUMSP (1 Unit)
    9.) IDP600c - Intrusion Detection
    10.) MAG4610 (1 Unit) -
    11.) Cisco 7206 XVR (1 Unit)
    12.) Cisco 3550 XL (1 Unit)
    13.) Cisco 3600 (1 Unit)[/h]
  • AldurAldur Juniper Moderator Member Posts: 1,460
    It has been a very very long time since I configured anything SSL VPN. I think it was 2008 when I was back in JTAC, and MAG was IVE. Good times indeed :D

    I can't remember much off the top of my head, but if you want to set me up remote access to the MAG device, I'm sure I could poke around and it would jog my memory on how to configure network connect. PM me if you'd like me to do that.

    On a side note, I have a home lab, that I provide remote access to for co-workers. All I do is port forward SSH/port 22 to a jump box, in this case a cyclades term server. From there the remote users can telnet to the lab devices. However, this also provides unrestricted access to the rest of my internal network, which is something you probably don't want to do for a open public lab setup, like what you are thinking about providing.
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  • kronicklezkronicklez Member Posts: 40 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hi Aldur,

    Thanks for the feedback and advise. Currently i already translate my Terminal Server Ip address into public ip. But i think it's not secure . So that's why i still want to do SSL VPN to make sure all the user can access into my lab and at the same time can secure my office also. I will PM u regarding how to setup the SSL VPN using MAG4610. Thanks again.
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    Hi Kron,

    I'd be happy to help you setup the SSL VPN. I manage an SA cluster, but it's all the same on diff hardware.

    Send me a PM or email....
  • AtifSAtifS Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hi kronicklez/Guys,
    Any update on the Lab setup? How to access it from internet to do some practice on the devices. I am working on these boxes but in a commercial network, so, can't try out different scenarios or configs. JuniperGuy, can help out here.
    @JuniperGuy, any response from kronicklez?

    Happy labbing :)
  • kronicklezkronicklez Member Posts: 40 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hi Atiff,

    Sory for late replay. Currently i'm bz with another project. But i already PM Juniper guy....Just waiting his feedback. I will announce when the SSL VPN complete. Thanks.
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