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Hi everybody,

I'm getting ready to take my 640-461 certificaction exam. I've read the cert guide and I've find some question on Internet to try to find out how the questions are. But I don't really understand some of the anser to the questions. If you can help me with some of them? For example:

"Users report that when they press the Messages button on their phones, they ofter get a busy tone. Which option can rectify this issue?

A. Disable the Callers Can Edit Messages check box under Message settings.
B. The CSS for the phones does not contain the voice-mail port partitions.
C. The CSS for the phones does not contain the voice-mail pilot partition.
D. Precede all Cisco Unity Connection greetings to announce that each message is limited to 90 seconds long to free up voicemail-ports."

Well in my opinion the answer is C, but the answer gave on the exam I found is D what makes no sense at all to me.

Anybody can help me with this?

I realy appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance


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    The key term is "they often get a busy tone"....but not always

    Answer "C" would indicate that some phones would not be able to reach voicemail at all, not sometimes...
    Answer "D" would indicate that users are experiencing intermittent congestion reaching voicemail during busy periods, and limiting the message length to 90secs would reduce this problem but not fix it (may look like its fixed short term)...really need to buy more voicemail ports (probably not cheap) or educate users to be brief

    But then if people are leaving messages >90secs, you'd need a coffee (or 3) to stay awake :D
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    Thanks a lot azaghul!! Now I understand the issue ;)
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    Good evening!!

    I've been looking at some Cisco Unified Presence question and I got two doubts.

    1. The Cisco Unified Client Service Framework device is only needed for if you use CUPC v8.0 in soft-phone mode right? Or you also need to set it up if you work in desk-phone mode?

    2. Which 2 options are features in Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose 2).

    A. IP phone messenger.
    B. Native Presence.
    C. BLF speed-dial
    D. Enterprise Instant Messaging.
    E. BLF speed-dial pickup

    On this second question I'm almost sure D is one of the choices, but I have doubts between A and B. IP phone messenger is something that you can have with CUP but it is a service more than a feature... but B is something that I think you can have without CUP (but with less status).

    Could anybody help me with these?

    Thanks a lot again!!!
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    Any idea with the questions above?
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    I think the answer is A. As you can see from this video, Native Presence is a CUCM feature:

    CCNA Voice ICOMM 640-461 - CUCM Native Presence - YouTube
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    Thanks Overdash! This helps me confirming my thoughts
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    Funny we had this 1 girl which would leave us a >5 minute VM on a tdm pbx. I would always erase the messege and call her to find out what she wanted. Her reply was didn't you get I messege.

    Phil 4:6 "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."
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