CCNA Voice lab - What else do I need?

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Hey all, I'm looking to upgrade my home lab to include voice capabilities but a bit confused as to what else I need that I don't currently have.

First off, this is just to get started into voice - I'm going to be using a 2611XM router with CME 4.1 which I know the test would recommend me upgrade - but I'm only interested in learning voice and when I can afford it later on I'll upgrade to a 2811 with the newer IOS and all that fun stuff

So here's what I've got now:

(1) 2611XM Router with 256MB/48MB and CME 4.1 (Adventerprise9-mz 12.4 IOS)
(1) 2621XM Router with 96MB/32MB (AdvSecurity K9-M 12.4 IOS)
(2) 2 WIC-1T cards (I have one installed in each router right now)
(1) 3550 24 port with POE (EMI)
(3) 3550 48 port no POE (EMI)
(1) Dell 2850 Server with (2) dual core Intel CPU's at 2.8Ghz each, 4Gb RAM, and 146Gb HD space (2 73Gb in RAID)

(1) NM-2V - Just ordered 4/28/12
(1) VIC-2FXO - Just ordered 4/28/12
(1) VIC-2FXS - Just ordered 4/28/12

What I think I need:

(2-3) Cisco IP Phones
VMware on the server?

What else do I need? Again, I'll upgrade when I want to take the certification exams - but for now I just want to get this up and running as affordable as possible.

I've read a few different recommendations; do I need an AIM-VOICE30 card? Do I need a VWIC-2MFT-T1? (What is that for if I do need it?) Would it be too expensive to let this stuff run constantly if I wanted to plug it into my home's voice network? - That's not too big of a priority, but it would make it more exciting ;)

Any advice would be great!

**Edited to update list**


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    For CCNA Voice you are looking good, your research on what you need is spot on as well.

    : max out the Flash and DRAM, I tend to just run adventerprisek9_ivs (12.4T), as it combines just about all feature sets needed for all certification tracks
    IP phones: just go for the older 7940/7960, they will do the job and are affordable
    Server: as with any PC/server....more RAM and larger HDDs (or raid them) is always better for vmWare
    AIM-VOICE30: this will support voice channels on the VWIC-2MFT-T1. need these? no... nice to have? yes. but i've found the VOICE30's costly
    Leave it running: no, just power it up as required when studying, they do get LOUD

    That "should" get you started.
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    Looks like you're off to a good start with your equipment
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    Do I really need the 2nd router (2621XM)? I kinda wanna turn it into a terminal server - right now I'm using the Dell server as that which works okay, but it has its limitations.

    I'm also confused what I need on the VMware side. How many VMs and what for?
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    You need the other router to have a PSTN connection. So you will take PSTN router and put CME on it and you will be able to dial to it and from it from another IP phone. The VM will be used for call manager as CCNA voice covers basic CUCM administration.
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    So I need CME on both routers? I thought it only needed to be on one?

    By the way, just placed an order for the NM-2V and FXO and FXS cards - getting close :) I figure most of this will make more sense once I start setting it up.

    Do I need anymore cards? I just updated the above list so as far as I know I only need some IP phones now.
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