Day started off bad, but ended great. My test was scheduled for 11:30am. Arrived a little before 11am. The testing center ended up having issues with Prometric downloads of testing schedule. Had to wait till almost 2pm to take test. Had alot of time to ponder rather or not I would fail the test or pass. I passed the test with a 952. Was surprised by the score. Alot of the questions were not covered in the materials that I used to study with. I used CBT Nuggets and MS Press book. Had questions on Bluetooth, MSIEXEC cmd line switches, and a few other topics that weren't covered in any topics of both books. Had quite a few questions on SP2. I would recommend if you dont have a study material that covers SP2, then try the latest edition of MS Press 70-270. It covered everything that was asked in the test. Was suprised to get no Simulation questions. Guess the Simulation questions havent trickled down to the 70-270 exam yet.


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