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Hi everyone, Im looking to take the comptia network plus N10-005 in a few months and I was wondering which book would be the best to use out of the two below. Because Ive heard examcram is excellent for exams because its explains things in simple terms which helps people pass but then theres another book which is comptia material certified but it might have too much which i might not need to know HELP, links for the two books are below, pick one and why?


9780789749055 CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Exam Cram 4th Edition Book/CD Package : COMPUTER BOOKS - Computer Manuals

9781118137550 CompTIA Network+ Study Guide (Exam: N10-005) 2nd Edition : COMPUTER BOOKS - Computer Manuals


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    Are you taking the exam to meet a check box requirement and already have many of the skills... or will you be learning more from the ground up?
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    I'm really digging on the Exam Cram. I'm using that, Prof Messer, and an old Sybex 004 book/CD combo a friend gave me.

    The Exam Cram 005 follows very closely to the other two, but more "to the point". Less fluff, more stuff.

    Honestly, picking either up and coupling that with Messer will do you just fine. ;)
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    ive been using messer and the sybex 005 book. both are great and easy to follow.
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    I would go with the Study guide, Professor Messor, and Darril Gibson's Network + Study questions.

    Good luck!
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