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I had a question about the Cisco Certification Tracking site.

On the left side, there is the link "Publish Credentials." I cant remember where I saw it, but there was 2 agreement questions regarding allowing people to view your exam scores.

I was wondering, which exam scores are shown if you publish your credentials? All exams you took? or only the passing scores? Because, it took me 3 tries to pass ICND1, The first 2 times I had 750, with 0% on WLAN each time (made me laugh at having identical scores), and the 3rd time I passed with a 885. I was hoping that those 2 750 scores wont be released :)
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  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844
    You can click on that link and send it to your own email address.
    That way you can see exactly what is sent.
    I've done it.
    If I remember correctly, NO scores are seen.
  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844
    I just did mine again, just for fun.
    It sends your name and address, a list of your certifications and the date that you were certified. If any of your certifications were recertified, it says that as well.

    That's it. No scores.
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    ah, thanks!

    yeah, i guess i should've went ahead and sent a report to myself. I was thinking it was limited, like how many times you can mail/download a certificate.
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    I had to publish my credentials once I passed my CCENT to my employer, since they were paying (or reimbursing me) for my exam. They wanted to see: 1, payment for the test. 2, my credentials once the site was updated. Easy enough. I did show them my test results, too.
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