Next Cert to Pursue?

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Hi all,

So right now I'm trying to make a transition from IT. I have my Net+ cert and Sec+ cert....right now I'm just looking for an entry level IT position (this is my main focus). I'm also trying to figure out what certification I want to pursue next. I was thinking that maybe I'll go back and round out the CompTIA trio and get my A+, but I was also thinking I might look at the CCNA cert.



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    Choose the one which is going to use soon.
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    With a Net+ and Sec+ the A+ should be a walk in the park and would make more sense for entry level IT
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    CCENT is a nice stepping stone if you are interested in Cisco networking technologies.

    Like net mentioned if you are interested in getting some more laptop desktop experience then A+ is a good one to get.

    Another one to consider is Microsoft 70-680 Windows 7 or 685/686. From what I can tell on the forums 685 is a good helpdesk/deskside support Windows 7 certifications. Maybe some others can fill in the gaps I am missing.
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    Net+ and Sec+ should be enough to get you a job, but A+ won't hurt. Figure out from there where you want to go. I like CCNA, but it doesn't make sense to pursue it right now unless you want to go into networking, specifically. The trio is really what you want for your entry-level, although Win7 as N2 said makes a lot of sense.
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    After a crueling 4 months and finishing my Comptia certs, I'm gonna take a break and start hitting the CCENT and CCNA certs by the end of the year
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your input! I'll probably put in some work and then take the A+ examination just to round out the seems like the option that makes the most sense when trying to find an entry level position.
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    Perhaps Windows 7?

    If you want to go down the CISCO route, consider the CCT. It's a new certification they offer which is entry level but focused on the enterprise. The training (CISCO only) is the basics of networking (from a CISCO standpoint) along with understanding their equipment. It's like the A+ of CISCO. If you buy their training ($299) you could easily complete this exam in 3 weeks. It gets you on the "CISCO" radar and would complement a CCNA. They do not focus on the same material.
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    So I just accepted my first IT job this week, it's a NOC Analyst position. I would like to head down the Network Security path. Perhaps this may help in making suggestions. Thanks for all comments so far!
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    Congrats cici!

    If I may ask, how did you get that position? I'm making a career switch to it and I'm always interested in how people land in their jobs.
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    Now, you have a lot of things to consider. For instance, you are just starting out in this job and you likely have a breaking in period. I would knock out that A+ quickly. That will keep you marketable for the next similar job in the event that this job disappears. Then, since you are showing an interest in Network Security, work on your CCENT. From there, you could slowly build your skills by doing CCNA and then CCNA Security. I would also recommend at least doing the Windows 7 (or 8, if it is available) exam some time in there, as you will still be "entry-level" for a while. Early in your career, it makes sense to be well rounded... heck, I get I may be biased... I am 13+ years in and still am "well-rounded."

    Another important consideration is school. Do you have an AS or BS? You don't have to go crazy, but it would be prudent to at least take a class or two each semester until you figure out what you want to do. You could probably easily find a local community college that offers courses online, or in-person if that floats your boat. Also, lots of folks around here attend WGU, which is very popular in IT because they have certifications as part of their curriculum, plus they have a BS in Security that seems to match up well for you. It includes the Security+ (which you will get credit since you have it completed), and it also includes the A+, CCNA, CCNA Security, and Windows 7 exams within its curriculum, among many others.

    See what options you have with your employer to pay, as well. WGU makes great sense for those that may have tuition reimbursement but nothing for training or certification reimbursement... since it performs double duty.

    Best wishes.
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    CCNA is the way to go. hit the books.. its an enjoyable read
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    To bmy: I ended up getting the job through a staffing company. I seemed to have more luck getting interviews for entry level jobs through these agencies than on my own. However, I was able to pick up an interview or two through connections or applying directly for positions - they just didn't pan out.

    To powerfool: Thanks for the advice. My plan is to get situated with the position and figure out how my schedule will look and then use my free time for certs. I don't believe the company uses Cisco technologies in their networking environment (I asked about this during the interview), do you think I should still go ahead with that education? As far as my educational background goes, I have a BSBA in finance. I was thinking of getting into some sort of Masters program in the future, just not sure what area I'd like to do that in yet.
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    j86cici wrote: »
    So I just accepted my first IT job this week, it's a NOC Analyst position. I would like to head down the Network Security path. Perhaps this may help in making suggestions. Thanks for all comments so far!
    Did you have any previous experience? I'm just moving into IT and got my Network+ on Friday. Time to start looking for that first job.
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    netsysllc wrote: »
    With a Net+ and Sec+ the A+ should be a walk in the park and would make more sense for entry level IT

    Not really
    Lately entry level positions ask you for 1-2 years of work experience

    I recommend you to polish that resume with the certifications you already have
    See if you can land a job
    on the side, get your CCENT or CCNA if you want to get into networking or a MCITP cert if you want a more desktop/systems job
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