Intra-company apprenticeship and informing boss

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Let's assume... hypothetically... that there is an employee in a company who would like to follow around other employees in a different group. Said employee wants to learn from these other employees through observation and discussion on his off days -- even if not permitted to lay hands on the production equipment which he very likely would be able to after some time. This employee may not want to overtly tip his hand to his boss-fellow that he aims to take a lateral move sooner rather than later but, at the same time, would not want to offend.

Here's the question: Would the aforementioned apprentice-to-be need to inform his boss-type authority figure of how he intends to spend his off hours, or can he go about his business without saying anything?


  • mattlee09mattlee09 Member Posts: 205
    Your boss would appreciate the notice, certainly. Whether you do, is up to you (based on your relationship, etc.) He will most likely find it offensive, and since it's not in his best interest, be fully against it. In other words, you might be changing positions sooner than you think.

    I would also make sure there are no security/work policies that would not permit you to be at your company while off the clock. And there will be concern that while you are 'shadowing' this other group, you are interfering with their productivity (regardless of if it is true or not, whether they agree or not, again, their supervisor will be contrary to it).
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