Practical Exercises/Labs for Server+

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Hi All

Just bought book for Server +, and wondering what people have been doing/planning regarding practical labs etc..?

I do have some limited access to server kit at work, but was wondering if it was worth looking at a home setup?

Thanks all


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    I didn't do any labbing. The exam is pretty easy, it's a combination of Network+ and A+ so you will pass it without any problems.
    I still have a server from my college in the trunk of my car though ;)
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    No labbing needed, also you already have A+ Network+ and a CCNA, so if you have a NA or SA job or even Tier 2 Helpdesk you should be able to pass. Big thing is remembering things like obscure raid levels that no one uses like 3,6 and 10 (only ones people really use are 1 and 5, don't argue that 10 is a viable solution cause its not and never will be.)
  • sratakhinsratakhin Member Posts: 818
    On my exam, there was a question about RAID 2/3. I couldn't decide what's the correct answer as I didn't really bother to remember those things.
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    Really no need to lab Mate, Just know your stuff, especially know about RAID, cooling, DRP's, backups <grandfather/father/son> redundancy, basic networking, SCSI <definately know this stuff!!>. I'd recommend Jonatahn Lau's kindle book from Amazon and also the Exam Cram. Lau's books is a brief summary mapped to the exam objectives and the Exam Cram has some very good practise exams that are very close to the real exam.

    Lau's Kindle book: The Concise Server+ Study Guide (SK0-003): Jonathan Lau: Kindle Store

    Exam Cram: Server+ Certification Exam Cram (Exam SKO-002) eBook: Marcraft International: Kindle Store

    There is really no need for labbing, that is more for microsoft and other vendor exams. I'd also suggest writting down or tabling some notes related to Linux and the server admin tools used, they don't expect to many, but also be sure to print off the exam objectives from the CompTIA website. With your networking certs already gained, you perhaps may have much of the exam in the bag!!

    Just one word of advice regarding books, stay away from the CompTIA Server + manaul from axzo press, it is very dated and does not really prepare you very well. Personally, I prefere text books that have explainations for answers in the practise questions, this way you learn from the questions that may present as weak areas. The above mentioned book does not provide this (except for some content on CD) but that is very limited, and the explainations do not suffice!!

    Hope this helps.
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