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Hello everyone, first post!!

Just wanted to drop in and say I am studying up for Network+. I had currently been using a friend's older 2009 book by Glen E. Clarke. Can anyone comment on it?

After reading other posts here on the forum I have grabbed the Michael Meyers 5th Ed book to study up on, as I intent to take the N10-005 exam. Any further suggestions for study?

I already have A+ and Security+ and intend to go on to CCNA / CCNP eventually.


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    The free videos are a good resource. There are also many websites that have [free] practice exams, including this site.

    Good luck.
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    Hello all, first post as well. I am in the same boat. I just passed the A+ second exam last week and am now using Myers' book to study for Network+. Good luck to you. I am hoping to spend a month or so studying and then take the exam.
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    Surfrider wrote: »
    I already have A+ and Security+ and intend to go on to CCNA / CCNP eventually.

    I am also currently studying for Network+ and just passed my A+ and Sec+ last month. What was your reasoning for taking the Sec+ before Network+? Mine was simple, the sec+ book I used is half the size of the network+ :D I got a 860 and 880 for my A+ exam and barely passed the Sec+ with a 790. I'm really taking my time understanding network+ but at times find myself reading 30 pages in 1 hour and not remembering what I just read, that's when I just close the book and switch to the messor videos.
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    Hi, I used the Comptia Network+ Cert guide by Kevin Wallace. DVD included had like 250 practice questions and I bought the ebook edition and received another 300 test questions. Plus all the practice questions in the book. Total 800 some practice questions. Read the book,work thru the 800 questions the day or two before your exam and the 100 questions on exam day go well. Worked for me. Good luck.
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    G'Day Surfrider,

    I'd recommend the Mike Myers and also Exam Cram. There is also plenty of free stuff on this website, I'll offer you some of my notes, Just be sure to really read up on your wireless stuff, it seems the new 005 exam is heavy on it.

    My Notes:
    The Wings of Technology
  • MrkaliMrkali ..ughn Member Posts: 105
    Excellent notes, quinnyfly! I used your ports and protocols pdf for flashcards during my N+ studies icon_wink.gif
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    I used professor messer's videos to study for the network plus certification. Those videos will help you out big time. I got a 813 om my exam just from watching the videos.
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    Thanks Mrkali, I'll post some more very soon :)
    The Wings of Technology
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    I concur, these are really excellant notes! Thank you making them available to us.
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    Yes, awesome material! Thanks!
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