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Hi Folks,

Just passed the Server+ yesterday, in a previous post I cited the value of the Comptia Server+ study guide from axzo press, I have a new recommendation, use the Exam Cram instead. The content of the Exam Cram book is mapped very accurately to the exam objectives and some of it's sample questions are a decent simulation. If I could study it all over again, I would most definately use the Exam Cram and also Jonathan Lau's Kindle book. I also recommend Lau's kindle book, it is very basic in content and context, more or less a brief description of each exam objective, sure it has a few typos etc, but we all make those kinds of mistakes (especially me!!), even with this, it is still a very good addition to your study material.

As for the exam, was it hard? Well for me, yes and no, I do not have any real server experience, so in that light it was difficult <new territory>, I can well say though, if you have your A+ and N+ and Sec+, and especially if you gained them recently (or have a very good memory???), you may find it a little easier.

Most certainly know your RAID and SCSI, also be readily familiar with DRP's and backups, the objectives do list these along with others such as adapter cards <types, slots, speeds, etc>, the Exam Cram book is indepth on these and will provide you with a very solid grounding for passing the exam.

Again, I wish I only used the Exam Cram and Lau's book, ( I only used them for the past week!!), instead I used the floppy, big flimsy Comptia server + study guide form Axzo Press for the past month. This book IMO is very weak in objective mapping and does not really provide the candidate with the depth of knowledge required.

Hope this helps future Server + people choose their materials.
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    Good morning,

    Which edition of the Exam Cram book did you use? I could only find the book for SKO-002, but the current exam is SKO-003.. The exam cram books are great.. I have used them for N+ and A+.. I am just worried about studying dated material. My boss has just purchased the voucher for me, so I intend on taking Server+ in the months ahead, but I have yet to gather good study materials. Any other recommendations aside from Exam Cram?
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    Jeez, where are my manners.... Congratulations on passing the exam by the way!
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