Cisco 1720 Routers

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So I found two 1720 routers just laying in a trash pile without power supplys but they still have the WICs in them (smart serial) and I was re-searching them on

"The Cisco 1700 Series Modular Access Router delivers fast, reliable, and secure Internet and network access through various high-speed WAN access technologies. The Cisco 1700 Series offers a comprehensive suite of integrated security capabilities with wire-speed IP Security VPN, stateful firewall protection, and intrusion detection. It also offers a migration path to voice-over-IP and IP telephony services through a converged data and voice network that offers call processing and QoS services.Ideal for enterprise branch offices and small and medium-sized businesses, the Cisco 1700 Series modular design provides the flexibility to meet demanding and evolving business requirements by offering high-speed broadband and leased-line access, comprehensive security, and multiservice data and voice integration"

so could I use these routers to setup VOIP labs? anyone have or used these routers before? do they have CME? worth buying power supplys for?


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    Not good for a voice lab – they do not support CME, nor do they have the appropriate DSP resources to support voice VIC cards. The description sounds more like a 1760, which while a tad misleading, is still technically part of the 1700 series family.
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    thanks for the input :)
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