Dead J6350

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I recently got my hands on a J6350 (was a SSG550M, but converted with official conversion kit). However, when I plug the box in, I get nothing from the console and the status/alarm lights are red/amber respectively. I've pulled the PIM cards from it and also have swapped the power supplies with known working ones but still nothing from the console. Naturally, this box is 2 years out of J-Care so can't RMA it. Anybody have any ideas on getting this thing up and running again? Thanks


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    AldurAldur Member Posts: 1,460
    You might want to try re-flashing the compact flash, but if your not getting anything at all on the console port, that's really a bad sign. The only time I've seen that behavior is when I have bricked a router.

    Keep in mind that it also could be your console connection, make sure that's configured correctly, from cable/adapters to term server software.
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