oh man, took first of two shots, pass w/700

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I went in after study for a day straight, if not to pass at least see where I stood. .. MS 2nd shots.... I really gave it my best, had an hour left after looking at all the questions.

Pass with 700! lol. I wish I could have done better, but jeez, now I can study up on dns like the exam tells me to, and basically move on to 216. I'm actually taking 226(HA Web sites) in 6 days. I didnt study for it and went in took the first shot (thought the dang promotion was expiring). I got about a 580. Ive been studying, and with what I cleared up I think I will pass. So Im going to co-study for 216 with 226. Then two days after I take 226, I'm taking 216. I'm not really sure if I will pass or not, but I want to take a shot at clearling it before my birthday, which is in about 14 days. Then two days after 216, I'm taking Security+. I'm trying to clear my MCSE before my bday. If not, i should sink at least a few of these if not all.


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    Sounds like you got a couple of busy weeks ahead, good luck with that!
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    Congrats on the pass!

    Best of luck in the next few weeks. Very ambitious!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Excellent job!
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    What next?
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    Just to let you know, if you are going to study that much for 216 like you did for 217 you will fail. So be carefull and study hard for 216, it is a BEAST man, beast. Don't forget whatever you didn't get in 217 it will hit you hard on 216. It is all, so to say, interconected.

    Take care
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    Congrats and good luck. If you're as focused as you sound , you'll be fine. Be careful with 216, it has a reputation of de-humanizing people :D . You eluded to your score report showing a weakness in the area of dns. If you don't have a firm grasp of dns, dhcp, and RRAS, it will eat you alive. Also I remember getting slammed with about 5 WINS questions, so don't assume you won't have anything on WINS just because it is out dated and not as common anymore as dns. Again, good luck and study hard.
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