IT Recruiting Position? Is this a good job or not?

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I was called today by RobertHalf for a possible IT Recruiting position. Does anyone have any insite on this? Or comments.


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    i dont know about IT recruiting, but my wife is a recruiter and the pay is pretty good. Sometime she can make up to 9K in one months commission check not including her base pay which is more then mine!
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    Does she like doing recruiting? I really have no experience doing anything like recruiting so I"m not sure how I would do. How long has she been a recruiter if you don't mind me asking. Another thing that concerns me is that I would not be doing any "hands-on" technical work and I don't want to hinder my technical career by taking this job and then later deciding on going back into a hands-on job. icon_rolleyes.gif Mind you...I only have 3 years experience. A degree in MIS and my MCP. I'm currently working towards MCSA and taking the Network+ in a couple weeks.
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    she likes it. I dont know why because all she does is search the companys database for prospects and then calls them to see if they are interested in a job at GE or ORACLE or somewhere else. She mostly is looking for people who will be making over 120K per year. She has not been doing it long at all. The comission is different for every place, but generally you can make alot of money if you are good at it and find alot of people to get accepted by the client looking to hire. She actually gets about 1400 bucks commison per hired person. It is not technical at all! There is alot of people skills involved. Alot of searching and phone calls.
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    Man, this is tough. Not sure if this would be a good career move or not. I do have very good people skills and have been told by many people that I'm easy to get along with. I've been job searching for a few months now and nothing has really panned out. Tough call on wether or not I should jump at this opportunity or not. icon_confused.gif:
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    That is a tough call. I got offered a job as an instructor for a training company thats does MS, Cisco, Novell etc. training. I thought a lot about it and knew in the long run the pay would great but decided to turn it down because I rembered the reason why I was in IT in the first place - because I love it. I love the hands on, troubleshooting, designing, consulting all that stuff. Instructing would seem boring to me as its the same stuff teaching to most people who aren't interested in the course - they just want a week off from work. But like I said its a tough call.
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    Anyone else on this? really need people's advice! thx
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    I havent worked as a recruiter but worked in a company that did staffing. IMO, its a pretty rough job in that you always have to find and placed candidates at the best price possible and still make the company make money. Its all about how well you can market a candidate and what is the market pay rate versus bill rate. All in all, you will be selling candidates while making a profit for your company. if you dont make a profit, you can kiss that job goodbye.

    I signed up with RH and they had never even given me an interview. So much for marketing my skills. All RH did was to call and get my hopes up for an interview.

    Good luck.
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