CUCM 6 Console login problem

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So I installed CUCM on a VMWare Workstation 8. 1tb drive Core i5 2 cores 1024Mb Ram etc.. Install went fine I made two accounts + the admin password during install.
ccmadmin password cisco
ccmuser password cisco
Admin pass cisco1
Now these are not my actual passwords since it will not let you use such short or dictionary words. I am able to login in to the CLI with ccmadmin and am able to ssh using ccmadmin. But I do get

"Welcome to the Platform Command Line Interface (version 1.1)

WARNING, VMware Virtual Environment Detected!

VMware is NOT a supported platform!"

When I browse over to and try to login I get "Log on failed - Invalid User ID or Password"
I've restarted the server, I've manually launched Tomcat and A Cisco DB but to no avail. I've read of other people having the same problem mostly with CUCM 5 and not using the ccmadministrator account, but I've tried that as well; and I'm still having the same problem.
Any help is useful. I've also read people saying upgrade to 7/8 and I'm going to; I'm just trying to recreate what I have at work to test configs and what not. We had 6 and I'm going to apply the same patch to bring it up to 7.1.5ES18.31900-18 once I get it running.



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    shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    man its been so long since I touched a 6 box, but if I remember correctly whatever you setup as the application user account should be the one that you can use to get in. If you can get to the CLI you can change that password if you need 2.
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    KelkinKelkin Member Posts: 261 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Shodown is right.. its whatever you set as your app user account.. Ive seen this issue before as well on a 6.x build .. you will need to login the CLI and reset the app user account pass..
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