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Hello Everyone,

I passed my network + exam last month and immediately moved on to the security + study materials. I have Mr. Gibson book "Get Certified, Get Ahead". I plan on taking the test middle to late June, the question that I have is this. After, I obtain the security certification what cert do I go for next. I want to be a network administrator but I want to be well rounded. Any suggestions?icon_rolleyes.gif


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    oluckyke wrote: »
    I want to be a network administrator but I want to be well rounded. Any suggestions?icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Network Administrator you are mostly going to want your Microsoft certs. When getting my Network Engineering degree in college it was all Cisco, Cisco, Cisco. However now that I have been in the workforce for a few years and been System and Network Admins for a few diff places I can def see that even if you have Cisco devices in your environment the Microsoft is always going to outway this at least in my experience and if your truly a Net Admin. Your day to day group policies, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Scripting, all of that is going to be a huge benefit to you if you have your MCITP. I got my CCNA while in college and I am glad I have it dont get me wrong but for the position I am currently in I am going through now to get my MCITP-EA. Now if I was say a network engineer for a company and was truly out subnetting networks and planning and designing network structures and Commanding Switches and Routers everyday then CCNA would be the better of the two. Just my 2 cents
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    I quite agree with Hooky13...back then it was all Cisco, Cisco, Cisco. But when you are in the field as an Administrator(system or Network) you'll be faced with Windows. So you gotta get you acts up tight and prepare well for the outside world which ain't just about Cisco. Cisco is important, just as Comptia is. As for me, I geared towards majoring in the Wireless area and I would try out MCITP as well. Cheers!
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