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Doing self-study for the 640-553. Using Paquet's book from ciscopress mostly (Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS): (CCNA Security exam 640-553) (Authorized Self-Study Guide)). Extended access list example is given on page 262

Following the general rule of thumb for placing extended ACLs as close to the source as possible and standard ACLs as close to the destination as possible, why is the example stating to place the ACL on the outbound side of E0 instead of the inbound side of E1?
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  • SharkDiverSharkDiver Senior Member Member Posts: 844
    Good question.
    My only answer is that alot of things in these books seem to be incorrect.

    I, like yourself, see no reason that the ACL wasn't applied to E1 inbound.
    Give yourself credit for catching it. It means you know it. Also, you will probably remember it because of this error.
  • fadhilfadhil Senior Member Member Posts: 200
    yah, there is a mistake. since extended ACL is used, the rule should be keep close to the source(at E1) instead of E0.
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