VPLS loop prevention

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Hi guys,
I know one of you must have dealt with issue of this nature in the past. Find my attached diagram to understand my objective. i implemented VPLS to extend layer 2 service across 2 datacenters, everything is working fine in my lab but one thing i am trying to avoid is vpls loop in the event that the fiber links between the 2 MX 480s goes down. I have the 2 MX480 in the same vrrp group and my assumption is that if the fiberlink between the 2 goes down, both will assume that they are vrrp master and both will be sending packets to the data center switches and DC-STK1 switch, this will eventually create a loop which i do not want, is there anything i can do to stop this. I do not have spanning-tree running on the MXs, i do not have any bridge domains as well, all i have are VPLS instances. find attached a copy of my physical topology. I just want to prevent VPLS loop in the event that the fiber links between the MXs goes down in worse case scenario. I don't know if the vvpls-flush-on-topology-change command will work and must i configure MSTP to make that work?


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    In regards to VRRP, which interfaces are participating in VRRP, I would imagine its not the link between the 2 MXs. Do you have interface tracking for the link between the MXs? Also, I've never seen a split brain scenario where both VRRP members think they are master, in all truth I don't think it's possible. So, I don't think they can form a loop in this scenario, unless I'm missing something.
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    May i know what siganaling that u use for VPLS? BGP-Based or LDP-Based?
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