How long to study for and pass CCNA: Security

JackaceJackace Senior MemberMember Posts: 335
Just wondering from those of you who have passed the test, about how long does it take to study and prepare for this test? How does it compare to the CCNA?


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    Really depends on your experience and well you study.

    I'd say it was easier the CCNA since the objectives weren't all over the place like CCNA.
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  • JackaceJackace Senior Member Member Posts: 335
    I was just wondering if it was realistic to get it done before the changes to the test in Sept or if I should just study for the new test and expect to take it after Sept.

    Thank you for the responses so far. I appreciate them.
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    I was also wondering this. I passed the ICND1 Wednesday and am overviewing for the ICND2 since I've already went over all the curriculum but just want to know everything cold. After that, though, I was thinking of either going for my CCNP or maybe the Security first. I'm 17 and next year is my senior year, where I'm also doing a network internship at a few places for the year.
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    If I recall correctly, it took me about three weeks of study. The big disclaimer though is that I had been working with Cisco devices for several years by that time, including security appliances like the PIX and VPN concentrators (and perhaps some ASA then). The biggest hurdle for me was understanding the SDM, something which I have yet to see in my daily work (plus I rarely hear about in the real world since Cisco shops typically will use ASAs more rather than router-based firewalling).
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