ccnp:security firewall new exam topics (642-617 vs 618)

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I can't see where they differ too much.

So the firewall exam is changing at the end of the month from 642-617 to 642-618. I checked the exam topics on the cisco website and cant really differentiate much between the two.

If I have been studying with materials for 617 can I sit for the 618 without having to read a new book designed just for the 618 exam? I would hate to have to purchase a new book even though I am basically 99% ready to test. icon_sad.gif

Thanks for your time.


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    Honestly speaking I dont see any of them changing that dramatic that you have to go buy the newest cert exam prep book.. perhaps reading up on whitepapers and such on the new topics but thats about it..
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    i believe the major change was the version of the ASA software being tested on.
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    Sounds pretty minor, I hope you guys are right ! I will let you know it turns out if I'm brave enough to go in there not having looked at any updated study materials.

    In the meantime.... trying to get finished with this book before the test changes so, fingers crossed !
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    Yep If I remember correctly the Firewall and VPN have updated for 8.4
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    Yeah the main difference was only the update to 8.4.X :)
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