Exam experiences?

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I have read through a couple different experiences. However, I was curious as to if others have anything to add?



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    MstavridisMstavridis Member Posts: 107
    I am always nervous when i test don't know why I have only failed twice.
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    quinnyflyquinnyfly Member Posts: 243 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Sorry, wish I could, but I have not sat it yet... <the CompTIA CASP. if that's what you mean? All I know thus far, is that it seemingly goes deeper into the tech, rather than the managerial side of things. In addition, I must also reply to the above poster, funny you mention nerves and exams, I find I am OK at the start and part way during the exam, it's just the end when you click that final button that I get the rattles.....

    I have not failed one yet, but then again I have not really done the high-end certs yet either......
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    Success101Success101 Member Posts: 132
    Follow up:

    I took the exam today and passed. Not sure by how much as it doesn't tell your overall score. I found it to be challenging...I would like say the Sybex book helped me greatly, but it didn't. It was a good read though. I'm not sure about the other CompTIA exams, but I believe this one is the most difficult and should not be underestimated.
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