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Hey guys first post

Hey everybody, my name is Travis, and I am from a semi old/small city called Thunder Bay located in Ontario. Recently I just graduated from an Engineering tech course at my local college (Engineering Technology - Electronics Engineering Technician - Computers | Confederation College, if you guys care). The course was pretty fast and had lots of stuff crammed into it. I only got into the course because I thought it was going to have a work load primarily to do with computers, False. The course had a lot to do with electronics, radio equipment, programming, math and networkingß good stuff. My favourite classes where the ones having to do with computers (fixing, networking). In the course description it states "The program offers students the opportunity to pursue examinations that can lead to Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification and COMPTIA A+ and Net+. Students can also transfer into the Electrical Engineering Technology program." …
Fast forward like a month: P, So luckily for me my mom works at a local broadcast studio, radio and TV broadcasting, so I asked if they had any positions in the IT department last year (end of first semester), No but they had a position in Engineering, same office as the IT guys actually, so as of now I got the same job after graduation and i am pretty much the wire ***** and small task guy of the engineers still, doing the stuff I wasn’t too fond of in school. So My question finally ( sorry for the story of my life ), how should I get started, what certifications should I go for if I want to pursue a career in more networking and It related jobs. Would having this diploma I spoke of be something I could have instead of Basic certifications, or the more education the better.

Thanks Guys, sorry for the long post


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