The new guy looking for the path to enlightenment

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Hello Techexams. I'm the new guy around here. Just trying to plot my course so to speak.

I graduated from ITT in 2002 with an associates degree in Computer Networking. During my school I went and took a state exam for a Computer Operator. I got hired shortly before I graduated and worked in a data center. I monitored consoles working the weekend night shift. With a growing family I found this to be unacceptable so I submitted my name for a new position that had opened up working in the security unit of my agency. I got hired two years ago and now...still wondering what path to take. Due to the fact that I work for a state agency, there is not a lot of call for anyone to be certified in any area. As long as you are a healthy, breathing body and have the desire to have them train you, you're eligible apparently. I like working in the security unit but I want it to be a better security unit. So I'm here musing on a certification path to take and would like some help/encouragement along the way. I have been to both the SANS 401 and the CISSP Boot Camp. The CISSP was probably as far reaching as I could possibly get and I don't anticipate taking that until I have a firmer foundation under my feet.

Currently my work responsibilities are the following;
Managing a vulnerability appliance and a HIPS appliance
FOIL requests (keyword searches, importing images, generating reports, etc)
Help conduct wireless scans of two agencies
Running vulnerability scans once a month
Running website penetration scans

One thing I would love to start doing is participate in some forensic cases outside of FOIL requests. I also have dabbled in Backtrack5 R2 and have done some testing using the Reaver exploit. I'm currently reading the BT5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginners Guide and then want to move on to Metasploit. I have a pretty firm grasp on the BT5 stuff right now. I can't wait to really explore that entire suite in the near future.

So where should I start to focus my energies?
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