Passed MCTS Managing Project MS Project 2010!

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I felt it was a little closer than that, but I will take it. Especially after bombing MS SQL 2008 Development with a ~500.

I read parts of Project 2010 Project Management Managing Real World Projects. We have the book here at work so that was a nice free resource.

I have MS Project Pro 2010 at work so I starting creating mock projects and became familiar with using the new features like document inspector and the new planner view. I had experience using Project 2007 at my last job so that helped me a lot. Plus having Project + and the CAPM helped me understanding the terminology and what they were exactly asking.

I spent about 3-4 weeks studying this about 1-2 hours a day on average during the week. Barely touched it on the weekends except this last weekend. I'm going to continue to create mock projects and hone my skills. You know the rule, if you are going to put it on your resume you better be able to back it up. So I plan on keep using the tool at work and at home.


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    Congratulations! What's next? Besides Astronaut+ of course ;)
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    Maybe the new SQL 641 Querying (something or another) Any ideas Webmaster!?

    And thanks for the congratz! It wasn't as hard as some exam but it took some studying regardless.
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    On this side of the big pond Prince2 would make a good addition to your list but from what I heard it's not as well recognized in the US. Maybe a Windows 8 beta exam soon just for fun?
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    I really like the idea of Prince 2 foundations. It's not to costly and provides another methodology to learn from. Personally for me learning several different methology is the best because you get to build your own favorite and use bits and pieces from all of them. Data gathering and analysis from Six Sigma for instance and communication and scheduling from PMI and maybe other piece from Prince 2 or SCRUM.

    Either way it's a good time :)
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