JNCIE-SP Hardware

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Hi all.

I'm currently putting together a lab for the JNCIE-SP and just wondering what I do and don't need. I currently have 2 M10s running JUNOS 10.4 R1.9 - Only 1 is currently working. Each have an RE-2.0 with 512MB RAM. Each has a 4X 100Mb interface PIC.

I know I can run logical systems and I've already got a bunch of logical systems running inside the working M10. As for interfaces I've simply running subinterfaces and given each logical router a bunch of subinterfaces.

Any PICs required or at least recommended? I can buy an Adaptive Services PIC or Tunnel Services PIC, but need to know if either would be useful for the lab.

I might be able to get my hands on a M7i in a few months as well, but it's not a given yet.



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