Hands on exercises

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What is the best way to do hands on exercises at home?
Is there any equipment and/or hands on exercises that I can buy?



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    draineydrainey Member Posts: 261
    For home study/practice I got ahold of a couple of old pc's to go with my new one and as my new pc had XP pro, I loaded a demo version of 2k on one and 98 on the other. Then I bought a D-Link 5 port switch and later a Linksys 4 port router/AP and a wireless pci card for the xp pc.. After that it's just a matter of practice, practice, practice. Config the route/ap, config the wireless network connection, config the lan connections, then test it. If it works start all over and try something different. If not then try again till it does. Over all it'll help you get a feel for what the questions on the exam are talking about.
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