ICS Security engineer - career path advice

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Hi to all of you.:D

My main goal is to become an Industrial Control Systems security engineer.
I like all types of networks: wireline, wireless, cellular and industrial. In critical infrastructures all of these can be found.

Currently I posses a CCNA, ODBA and MCITP. But i definitely prefer networks over systems and databases.

I was considering getting a security certification. I thought of CEH, OSCP and later CSSA. I definitely want to work in security (designing secure infrastructures and from time to time developing applications using embedded software).
But after reading many posts in this forum I am confused. I read that CEH is outdated and has a lot of theory, that OSCP is not for networks but for applications. And also that there are many "institutions" that offer their own certification.

There are many people in this forum that has lots of certifications and experience, so please, which certification would you recommend that has a good reputation, and that it is for networks?

Thank you for your advice.icon_cheers.gif
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