CCIE Written

m3zillam3zilla Member Posts: 172
So I've had my CCNP for several months now, and I think it's about time I start looking into the CCIE written because
  1. I need something to work towards
  2. I'm starting to forget some of the stuff in the CCNP as I don't touch them all the time (for example, OSPF)

I've done a little googling and have had mixed results in term of what to study for. Some gives 3 years worth of reading while others say the CCIE written doesn't cover anything in depth. So, I'm looking for some advice on those that passed, what reading material do you recommend? I'm planning on going over my CCNP books so that should cover the core switching/routing. I also have routing TCP/IP Vol 1...should I pick up Vol 2 for BGP? Do I need a separate book for IPv6?


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