RHCSA/EX200 - practice with MBP.

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This is a wonderful forum. I wish to takeup RHCSA exam soon in the coming month or so. I have been reading Michal Jang's book mostly. I know its only practice that make this EX200 possible.

I am planing to use RHEL6 VM with Virtual box installed MaxOSX on MacBookPro (MBP). Seems to be ok, I guess, but i dont know if this is ok going forward configuring other VM's within my VM. It could be really slow.

I am wondering if I can install RHEL6 directly on MBP and on top of this I could to install other RHEL6 VM for practice? My MBP has a I5 processor not sure HCL compatibility of other stuff.

Any tips/suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Deep


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    I'm also reading Michael Jang's book and practising it on CentOS 6. I have installed it on my external hard drive. it's working great actually, i tried to install on my laptop where i have windows, but could not do it. It should be possible on MBP. Good luck with the exam!
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    thanks @ronni_linux- let me also get me hands on CentOS6 then ... BTW... are there any potential differences between RHEL6 and CentOS6 which we should be aware while taking the exam ?
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    Basically, CentOS 6 using the same configuration as RHEL 6, only difference is in the logo, you can do some research on that, but so far I read from the people who prepared themselves for exam that they are the same.
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