Dynamic PAT (Hide) - ASA 5510 question

higherhohigherho Member Posts: 882
Hello all,

I have a question in regards to Dynamic PAT (HIDE). I'm trying to translate a whole subnet and mapping it to my outside interface, meaning anything going to the outside world (web traffic) would be mapped to that single IP. Below is the rule I configured for Dynamic PAT( HIDE)

Original Packet
Source Interface - (The network interface were the subnet resides in)
Destination Interface - Outside
Source address = The subnet
Destination - Any
service (HTTP / HTTPS)

Action: (Translated Packet)
Source - Outside (P)
Destination - -Original-
source - Original-

With the above rule in place, everything from the source address (the whole Subnet) should translate to the outside interface IP when going out using HTTP / HTTPS. From what I read, this should be correct.

CLI Info:

hostname(config)# object network inside Network

hostname(config-network-object)# subnet XXX.000.FFF.FFF

hostname(config-network-object)# nat (inside,outside) dynamic interface outside


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