Wait until new books are out or start to study now?

mark076hmark076h Senior MemberMember Posts: 154
I just finished up my CCNA and was hoping to jump into the CCNA:S but I quickly learned that the 554 exam is coming out soon and the study guides not until this summer. Does anyone know how much of an overlap there is going to be? from my brief reading i know that they are adding in ASA Firewalls but what else? should i wait until the official study guides are out before starting?


  • jovan88jovan88 Senior Member Member Posts: 393
    I think there is enough time to start now and pass the current 640-553, and if you're interested in actually knowing the stuff you can do your own research on the 640-554 topics or go for the CCNP Security track.
  • swildswild Senior Member Member Posts: 828
    I was planning on taking the 554, but now I just want to be done with WGU so I am taking the 553. My plan was to go through the FLG and learn how to do everything in CCP instead of SDM. Then look through the blueprint for the 554 and see what I don't know that was added from the old version. If I wasn't pressed for time in order to graduate, I would still be going that way.
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