Any tips for using LinkedIn to my advantage?

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Just wondering how if at all I can use this resource to my advantage when it comes to getting my first IT position. I have built my profile and am looking to network but I don't know anybody the IT field. Is there a potential benefit to having a LinkedIn profile and if so how are you guys using it to market yourselves?
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    You could start by joining groups and companies that are IT technology based. A lot of companies will have jobs posted on linkedin where you can easily apply and any groups have recruiters that will post jobs.
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    LinkedIn is a great resource, that continues to pay off more, if you consistently keep it up to date. For starters, get endorsements from former professors, employers or co-workers (regardless of if they are in IT or not).
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    Another solid move, however this is more for when you have an interview set up, see if you can get the names of who you're interviewing with. Once you've got that, see if you can find them on LinkedIn. Most companies want to take cultural fit into account, if you're lucky you can find information about the culture of the company by looking at those profiles. Depending on what's in their profile it will also allow you to build rapport with the interviewer as you can express similar professional interests etc.. Also to second what MrBishop has said, joining groups can help a good bit, there are a ton out there.
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    Take your time to set it up like your resume. Analyze other profiles and adopt ideas from theirs in your own. Then start to add a reading list and skills, certifications etc. This will start to build up your profile. Put a picture on your profile, at least semi professional. Mine is very laid back, but I did that on purpose I don't want to come across as a suit. Some cultures like that and others don't but at least I am being honest with them.

    You can start to add your resume and even build a video file to upload. I've seen several of these and I am in the process of building one. I am going to have myself recorded selling myself and my brand.

    That should get you started
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    MrBishop wrote: »
    You could start by joining groups and companies that are IT technology based.

    Where are the groups in LinkedIn?
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    Nav bar > Interest > Groups
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    If you check out the Tech Exams group on LinkedIn you can see the profiles of those of us who belong to the group. I was advised a long time ago to have a profile photo that is "professional" looking. In mine, I am wearing a tie and a jacket.

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    In my experience, LinkedIn is consistently used for keyword searches and rarely do people view your profile. So you can put in as many technologies that you are familiar with an hope for the best. Also you can search for jobs in your area, then note who is posting them and connect with them (its usually an IT recruiter).
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    I don't know anything about LinkedIn because I just signed up for it like a week ago. I'm a privacy nut so right now I have it set so that no one can view my connections. I don't want randoms viewing and messaging my connections, right?

    So far my profile has my education and certs but no work history or current employer. Should I keep those hidden or is it a good idea to post the full thing?
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