Help Setting Up Voice system to current home network

jwb8734jwb8734 Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hello -
I am new to this type of stuff.
I am trying to do the following.
Cable Modem --> WRT54GL (DDWRT Firmware) --> WS-3524-PWR-XL-EN <-- Cisco 2610XM or 3745
Cisco IP Phones x3 & PCs

My network guys at work don't deal much with voice so they don't really understand what I was trying to do.
But I want to be able to pass both voice and data through the phone and be able to use my existing data network.

The 2610XM router is comfigured already but needs an IP address change any any other changes to get it to work correctly.
The 3745 was bought because it has more memory but is not configured and needs CME installed more config.
Currently my 2610 has FXS and FXO cards installed but can more them to the 3745.

Any help would be welcomed and would be open to remoting in to help me config correctly.

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