Reverse e-mail lookup for .gov

dmoore44dmoore44 Member Posts: 646
Does anyone know of a reverse email lookup for .gov e-mail addresses? I received an e-mail from one of the alphabet soup agencies, but I think it might be a phishing expedition...
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  • erpadminerpadmin Member Posts: 4,165
    The clues are always in the header of the email message. I usually look at that when I get an email from someone. Then I just do a simple google search on the person.

    I am involved in a user group for my job and a CIO of a another organization had emailed me that he had gotten spammed and sent me the header. After looking in the header I then googled said CIO and deemed it a legitimate message. Turns out that our mail guy had been monitoring the person responsible and shutdown his mailbox and our help desk was ordered to go to his machine and redo it a day prior to me receiving this email. The user had answered a spam email and got infected and the CIO wanted to inform someone from our organization about it, but it was already taken cared of.

    The header is always the first place I look when I get email from someone suspect and then I go from there.
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