Does it matter if I take A+ or N+ frist?

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I'm starting to study for the A+ and N+. I was thinking of taking the N+ 004 within the next month since it expires in August. Does it matter if I take the 004 or 005, and if I take that before the A+ exams? Also, what would you recommend studying to help with the exams? I have the Exam Cram for the A and looking at some Pro Messer videos. What about the N+? All feedback is grately appreciated. Thanks!


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    paulgswansonpaulgswanson Member Posts: 311
    Well I can say that Having already gotten A+, its helped slighty(only slightly) when going over N+ material. Comptia Recommends A+ then N+ though. For study material though, if cost is no concern then hit up learnsmartsystems.com the library they have is really good, even if the section reviews are weaksauce.
    When I studied for A+ i only used Transcenders Practice tests. Since they are harder than the normal exams theory is if you do good on them you'll do good on the real thing.
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    mjnk77mjnk77 Member Posts: 164 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks Paul. I'll probably do the A+ first then N+. Cost is a concern as I'm paying for this myself, so trying to do the cheapest, but most helpful way I can.
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