Router Choices for the 640-554 IINS Exam

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Hello. I passed the CCNA exam about a month ago and have since been studying heavily for the CCNP Route test. However, I've been wanting to complete the CCNA: Security for quite some time now.

I have enough funds to buy some things that I need to successfully prepare for the test. One thing in particular that I'm interested in is a router that can perform all of the IOS-specific exam objectives - like compatibility with CCP and firewall and IPS functionality.

I've narrowed it down to either an 1841 or 2801 router. From the research I've done they both seem to be similar in regard to being able to allow me to complete the objectives for the 640-554 IINS exam.

Is there something I'm missing? Is there an appreciable difference between the two that I am not aware of? If not, I'll be buying an 1841 because it's slightly cheaper and smaller. I've been using GNS3 for my CCNP studies, but I'm using the CCNA: Security test as an excuse to finally get some good equipment.

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    the 1841 is a tank! me, personally, i'd go with the 2801 since i'm gonna do the ccna voice after ccna security, but it's double the price of an 1841. the INE CCIE lab has 3x 1841s, so if you wanna build out a lab to mirror theirs, get the 1841, or two for the price of one 2801.
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    Thank you for the fantastic response! I do plan on moving right into the CCIE after my CCNP so having the 1841s seems like just the right decision!

    I'm going to buy one 1841 and one ASA 5505 to start my security track properly.
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