Free vSeminar on OER/Pfr

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CCIE R&S - (PfR) vSeminar - (PfR) vSeminar :: Part 1

For those that may have missed it, INE did a 7 hour session on PFR, and made the videos freely available. Link above if anyone is interested


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    Nice! Thanks Forsaken
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    Thanks man!

    Much appreciated, I will definitely be watching those when I get to it lol
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    This is the beginning of some major changes to take place and anyone that does anything network related need to take a serious look at this, and even the other things he mentioned like open flow. The way we do things will be changed. I think it maybe time for everyone to check whats out there and decide to double down on a technology so when it becomes the next "big" thing your already close to being a expert on it. I'm not saying Openflow will be it or the other things coming out, but i do feel change is coming.
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