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Figured I would give this a shot here. I have been looking everywhere for a 16u rack for my ccie lab (last piece of equipment shows up today) and can't find one. Does anyone have one that they no longer need and would be willing to get rid of? Preferably Skeletek... Btw, I setup a blog at where I will be tracking my journey. Started it some time back when I started studying for the written. I am also throwing some non ccie related posts on there to try and keep it interesting. Feel free to drop by and I will be posting more regularly here as well.

To everyone striving for the lab, keep up the hard work. I have been following some of the threads and it looks like there are a few that have a great shot at nailing that thing down. First go around to, heck that's my plan at least. If I want an expensive lunch I'll go to some fancy 5 star joint.


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    Good luck man!

    I actually bit the bullet and bought a 24U rack from Skeletek's site, compared to the cost of the routers the rack isn't really that much icon_smile.gif
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    I would get a 24u but it will not fit under my desk. I am trying to please the wife on this one, hence the reason a 16u would be preferable. Just spoke with a rep at where they sell the skeletek's and supposedly they are getting more on Friday and will update their website over the weekend. Should probably call back and try to get one reserved if that is possible just in case.
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