Could someone explain IEEE in a nutshell?

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I have been studying up for my Network+ exam, and I started noticing all of the different IEEE standards such as 802.* (I have seen them in the past but have never given them a second thought). This finally sparked my curiosity and I went searching for what IEEE is and what their standards are. From their website I gathered a vague sense that it is a collection of IT field experts that write publications? I am sure there is a lot more to it than that, but they seem to want money for all of their material. Could someone explain to me in more detail what IEEE is and what their role is in the technology field? also when I purchase a publication from a page such as this what am I getting? I know there are free resources out there but I was just hoping for a brief overview. Thanks in advance
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    The very first line of the Wiki contains a brief overview of what the IEEE is.

    Also: In very large bold lettering the IEEE Wiki refers to another Wiki, which is titled "List of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publications".

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    i have a feeling it would look something like.
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