traffic command on a cisco router?

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Hey guys, is there something I need to enable on a 2800 or 1800 cisco router to be able to get the
"traffic" command to work to show the Input and output of a router interface?


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    What command is it exactly you are trying to use?
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    I was only watching this yesterday....

    You're thinking of the "traffic" command Jeremy C used in his CBT Nuggets QoS series. There is no real "traffic" command, but its something he created as alias for.

    Enable traffic stats for an interface:
    int Dialer0 or <interface of your choice>
     ip nbar protocol-discovery

    Create the alias:
    alias exec traffic show ip nbar protocol-discovery stats bit-rate top-n 10

    Issue the "traffic" command from the exec prompt.
     Last clearing of "show ip nbar protocol-discovery" counters 5w3d
                                Input                    Output
                                -----                    ------
       Protocol                 5min Bit Rate (bps)      5min Bit Rate (bps)
       ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------
       http                     61000                    9000
       bittorrent               0                        0
       secure-http              0                        0
       skype                    0                        0
       ftp                      0                        0
       rtsp                     0                        0
       xwindows                 0                        0
       dns                      0                        0
       pop3                     0                        0
       rtp                      0                        0
       unknown                  73000                    7000
       Total                    134000                   16000
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    hahaha LOL! you busted me. Yeah i saw him do that in his QOS vid and was like yeah I like that command. Thanks so much. I appreciate your wisdom.
    -it daddy ;)
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    hahha azaghul,
    my gosh. I should have listen to the rest of QOS with jeremy he walks me right thru what you did. Hahaha. I had to stop right before dueto time
    and now I s ee him explain..thanks man for the help.if I would have been patient I would have found his how to on it. hhaa thanks..
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